What is Makeup, What Are The Types

Makeup provides a beautiful look and aims to cover imperfections. It is used in scenes, and the types of makeup that artists use are important not only in terms of beauty, but also in their roles.

Today, the characteristics of men, especially women, groomed and looked after themselves, has played a very important role in the development of the art of make-up. Lips, eyes, cheeks can provide very different views with colorings. Beauty centers made, permanent or temporary makeup is also becoming quite common. It is adopted more and more in society.

Make-up, if used correctly, reveals facial contours. While there is a beautifying element, when done badly it can turn into a disaster. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize our facial contours, use quality makeup and pay attention to the tonings. It will ensure that the correct results are reached according to the Times of the day.

The history of makeup dates back to before B.C. It is a well-known fact that Egyptian and Assyrian men and women are attracted to their eyes. Also, the colouring of the hair with yellow starch can be cited as an example.

Let’s define the kinds of makeup;

1-Porcelain Makeup

In porcelain makeup type, the skin is highly structured with makeup products that have a very effective concealer feature, in part, it can be said that the skin is recreated.

2-Daily Makeover

In Daily make-up, light makeup applications are conspicuous. Skin imperfections are stored with lightly built powder. The application of mascara in the eyes is the most widely used procedure.

3-Night Makeup

The colors are quite evident in the night makeup. The goal here is to emphasize facial contours more and increase permanence. Lipstick applied to the lip, mascara to accentuate the lashes, blush applied to the cheeks is quite prominent and dark.

4-Show Makeup

In Show makeup, make-up is quite heavy as it will express a certain emotion and thought. The colours used are very vivid, the most remarkable being that they are capable of attracting and attracting people’s attention.

5-TV shows makeover

The skin and make-up of the series games have a flawless appearance as it happens. When we watch, a beautiful and illuminated image is created to our eyes.

6-Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is an ideal application for women who want to look beautiful all the time, who have difficulty taking the time to love make-up even though they love to do it.

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