What is Makeup – How to Do Correct Makeup
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What is makeup. Where does the word makeup come from? It comes from the French word “maquillage”, which means changing the image with make-up, paint and beauty supplies. The history of make-up, which is used to beautify the face today and means painting, face painting, facial care, dates back to ancient times. Nowadays, make-up, which is mostly applied for aesthetic purposes in daily life or performing arts, was used for different purposes in ancient times.

History of Makeup

According to historical documents, makeup originated in Ancient Egypt for both medical and aesthetic purposes. The Egyptians especially believed that eye make-up was magical, and that the wearer was protected by the gods Horus and Ra. The Egyptians are said to have invented perfume for similar beliefs and purposes. Today, in the Louvre Museum, there are cosmetic boxes from the Bronze Age belonging to the Egyptians. M.O. In the 3000s, the Chinese discovered nail polish by painting their nails with beeswax and egg yolk, while the Aztecs discovered lipstick with red paint they produced with the help of some insects. After Ancient Egypt, the history of makeup changed and makeup entered the palace. Especially in the 1500s, the courtiers, who painted their faces in a dull and matte way to make them appear whiter, used very distinctive blushes. This was one of the indications that the distinction between the palace and the people was quite clear in the Middle Ages and the New Age. The courtiers were whiter, and the commoners looked bronze because they worked in the fields.

The Birth of Modern Makeup

With the French Revolution that started in 1789, make-up came out of the palace and the public began to wear make-up. American writer and activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton, while protesting the lack of women’s right to vote and to be elected in the 1800s, associated makeup and women’s freedom. In the 1920s, bronze skin and bronze make-up applications on the face were popularized by the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. Hazel Bishop launched the first long-lasting lipstick in 1940. The first mascara developed by Eugene Rimmel was also used for the first time in this century. With all these developments, make-up made such a mark especially in the last half of the nineteenth century that make-up, which was used for many different purposes in the previous periods, has now been used for aesthetic purposes.
Continuing to develop towards the 2000s, make-up continues to develop and gain new features today.

How to Make Up

How the make-up should be done varies according to the environment and how the person wants to look, so contrary to what is accepted, an expression such as wrong make-up is quite relative. There are correct make-up techniques, but the right make-up may vary depending on how the person wants to look. There are differences between the make-up applied while attending a festival or a concert and the make-up applied in daily life. Briefly, what is makeup? How to make up? There is no single and correct answer to the questions, only the right make-up techniques can be mentioned.

Skin Makeup

The first thing to do for make-up to show itself is to clean and moisturize the skin. Applying foundation thinly with the help of a damp sponge on clean skin is the initial step of makeup, and the most important of the makeup tips is the selection of foundation. In order to choose the most suitable product for the skin color, the product should be applied to the neck area, not the face area, and while applying the foundation, care should be taken that there is no difference in tone where the forehead area meets the hair roots. If you want to apply powder on the foundation, using a transparent powder will give you a more natural look. If you are going to apply the powder alone, you should choose the powder that best suits your skin color and distribute it evenly on the face with a large brush.

Using Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

Bronzer and highlighter, which are very popular recently among make-up materials and create debates about how to apply, provide expression to the face. To give your face a warm look, you can apply bronzer with a soft and large brush to the forehead, chin, neck and cheekbones to get a more bronze and shaped look. Highlighter, on the other hand, is used to give a radiant look to the T-zone of the face and under the eyes. But the most important trick to make this product look nice is to use it in a balanced way. When used too much, your skin may look oily. When choosing powder, bronzer and highlighter, it is important to choose and apply according to the skin type.
On the other hand, it can be used in blush, pink or earth tones, which are more preferred in daily make-ups. It is applied lightly with a long-bristled brush just below the cheekbones and distributed well.

Eye make-up

You can start your eye makeup by applying eyeshadow with the help of a thin-tipped and soft brush after choosing the right tone for your eyes. Powder eyeshadows allow you to keep your eye makeup for a long time as they are less volatile than others. If you want your eye makeup to be more permanent, you can use some eye makeup before you start applying the eyeshadow. For a more attractive look, you can continue your eye makeup by applying eyeliner. For a natural look, it would be a more elegant choice to finish the eyeliner that you apply to the bottom of the eyelashes in a thin line with a tail that is not too thick. When using eyeliner, you can also try graphic eyeliner and colorful eyeliners, which are among the new make-up trends. In this way, you can make the makeup look more colorful and creative. As the last step of eye makeup, you can apply mascara first to the bottom of the eyelashes and then to the ends with slow movements.

Lip Makeup

It’s time to start lip make-up, which is the last step of make-up. No matter how good a make-up is, the desired look may not be given to the cracked and dry lips, especially in the winter months. It is important to exfoliate the lips and use a moisturizer for healthier and more vibrant lips. After lip care, it is useful to use a lip liner so that the lips look fuller and the lipstick does not overflow. Especially when using dark lipstick, care should be taken that the lip pencil is in the same color tones as the lipstick, otherwise the tone difference may not be pleasant. The lipstick should be started from the lower lip and inside the lip and applied to the edges, and the application should be continued with the thin part of the lipstick. So you can prevent the lipstick from overflowing. If you wear dark lipstick and want your lips to be more prominent, you can use concealer around the lip.

What is Professional Makeup

Professional make-up is a type of make-up made by experts and with professional make-up materials. Today, with the development of the cosmetics industry and the effect of social media, many people become professional in make-up or can easily reach professionals. When it comes to professional make-up, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly special day or set make-ups such as weddings and engagements. Although professional make-up evokes the make-up made to make the skin look flawless in bridal make-ups and special occasions, it has also entered the definition of daily make-up with the increasing product variety and developing methods.

What is Professional Makeup in Performing Arts?

Professional make-up is used in performing arts such as theatre, cinema and performance art. The purpose of these applications is to describe the character, to reflect certain feelings and ideas, and to prevent technical mistakes. Recently, with the development of make-up materials and techniques, the art movement known as body paint has also started to develop. This type of make-up, called permanent make-up, also has competitions held around the world.
As a result, the meaning, application and history of make-up is much deeper than it seems, and make-up has shown and continues to exist in many parts of our lives, from art to daily life.

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