What are the benefits of olive leaf
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You will be very surprised when you hear the benefits of olive leaf. In addition to the benefits of olives, the benefits of olive leaves do not end with counting. What are the benefits of olive leaf, which heals many diseases from Alzheimer’s to liver health ? What effects does olive leaf have on our health ? Does olive leaf make you lose weight?

Here are those who wonder about the benefits of olive leaves.


  • Olive leaf protects nerve cells in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Olive leaves are similar to vitamins E and C and show protective effects on cardiovascular health. It has been shown that this protective effect reduces blood fats and the accumulation of plaques in the vessels and delays the damage of the heart muscle.
  • Olive leaf also has a protective effect against tumor formation by preventing genetic damage to cells as an antioxidant.
  • Olive leaf kills microbes and regulates the intestinal and respiratory tracts.
  • Olive leaves can be drunk as tea or added to meals.
  • Olive leaf is known to have a protective effect against viruses such as hepatitis B. That’s why it’s called ‘anti-carcinogenic’.
  • Olive leaves protect the liver. It has a positive effect especially in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Studies have shown that olive leaf has a reducing effect on fatty liver.
  • As a result of olive leaf unhealthy diet, high carbohydrate and fat consumption, insulin balance is disturbed. This increases the risk of diabetes. Olive leaf reduces insulin resistance and improves the quality of life of diabetics. We recommend that those with insulin resistance drink olive leaf tea with cinnamon in the morning and evening.


Olive, which is used in hundreds of fields from cosmetics to the pharmaceutical industry and many branches of medicine, also heals with its leaves. Olive and olive leaves, which have created miracles in the treatment of many diseases for centuries as a source of healing, maintain their importance today. Experts state that olive leaves are a natural antibiotic, and that they protect the cardiovascular system and act as a shield against cancer diseases.


Olive and olive oil, which protects heart health, contain monounsaturated fat. It lowers harmful cholesterol and keeps it under control. It has anti-cancer properties. It also prevents the spread of cancerous cells in patients with cancer. Olive oil is especially effective in the prevention of bowel cancer and breast cancer. The vitamins in its content also support the bone development of children.

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