Tactics From Celebrities, Beauty Secrets of Adriana Lima

Victoria’s Secret’s legendary angel Adriana Lima became the face of Maybelline New York after a few years. The famous model, who is known for her sympathy, humility and smiling face as well as her beauty, revealed her beauty secrets to Marie Claire. We’ve compiled it for you too!

Marie Claire : Many people adore you not only because of your beauty, but also because of your sympathetic personality and naturalness. Do these traits reflect on your appearance? Is your make-up and clothing as natural as your personality?

Adriana Lima : Makeup for me is an art and a form of self-expression. So yes, I also try to express my mood and personality with my makeup. This is also the case when I am not working. I just use mascara on a daily basis. If I go out at night, I wear red lipstick.

Marie Claire : How do you take care of your skin and hair?

Adriana Lima : Moisture is important for skin and face; You need to drink a lot of water. Fitness is an important part of my life. I like to exercise, sweat. I always use natural oils for my skin as I am on the go.

Marie Claire : What’s your favorite outfit?

Adriana Lima : I need to wear more casual pieces when I’m with the kids; like jeans and a t-shirt… But when I go out with my friends, I prefer dresses that make me feel feminine.

Marie Claire : What do you think should be the sexiest makeup?

Adriana Lima : I love smoky eyes. I also use a lot of mascara to make my skin look natural. And of course Color Sensational red lipstick … This is one of the sexiest details for me!

Marie Claire : What is your bag must-have?

Adriana Lima : Red lipstick!

Marie Claire : What are your favorite Maybelline New York products?

Adriana Lima : Let’s start with the foundation : I love the Affinitone foundation because you don’t need to use anything else with it and your skin can breathe. As a blush, I prefer Affinitone blush. Its brushes are also very thick, creating volume.

Marie Claire : How would you describe your style?

Adriana Lima : If I define my style with three expressions; feminine, girlish and fun. Sometimes they can be all together, sometimes only one.

Marie Claire : What is the beauty secret of Brazilian women?

Adriana Lima : I think we are of mixed ethnicity and have European, indigenous and African blood. We love life, music and we are positive people.


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