Should you continue with or without bangs?
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Many women suddenly have a desire and the following question crosses their mind, “I wonder how it would look if I cut bangs?” or “Am I beautiful with or without bangs?” says. 
If you have an idea of ​​​​cutting bangs, there are other questions you should ask yourself before these questions. 
Here are the questions that will make you fully understand your desire to get a bang, whether it will suit you and whether you will be comfortable.

Do you like to care? Are you bothered by momentary disruptions?

Bangs are a very difficult model to maintain compared to other hair types. In addition to these, instantaneous distortions are quite high. So when you go into the pool or the sea, they can get wet and look bad, or they can leave a place they never will be due to the wind. These bangs can fall on your face while playing sports. In addition to these, they want to be washed more because they touch the oiliest part of the face. Do these bother you?

Have you made any experiments?

One of the most important things to consider before cutting bangs is to rehearse the bangs. You can find out whether the bangs model suits you with the videos and applications you can find on the internet. There are fake bangs making videos online, you can try them; or you can create your outline with a model with bangs without having to deal with hairstyle applications. So did you rehearse and did the bangs suit you in this rehearsal?

Will you be able to cut continuously?

Bangs are a hairstyle that needs to be cut all the time. Because it is necessary to constantly keep it at the right length. This period takes place in 2-3 week periods. Will you be able to consistently fulfill this cut?

Are you open to innovations?

Bangs are a radical decision made by women. Are you open to this radical decision and innovations? Are you ready for the reactions within the framework of these innovations?

Do you like dealing with your hair in modeling?

You may not be able to shape the bangs the way you want at first. And learning to shape can sometimes take a long time. Do you like messing with your hair and making new models?

Are pimples a problem for you?

It closes the forehead, which is the oiliest part of the face, and causes it to be stuffy. As a result of this airlessness, acne will begin to appear on the forehead. Are these pimples bothering you?

Have you decided on your ash type?

One of the most important conditions for being satisfied after a bang is to decide on its type before cutting it. Square face shape with bangs extending towards the eyes, side bangs for heart face shape, tufts of bangs for round face shape, all kinds of bangs for oval face shape. So, have you decided on your bang type?

Will the elongation phase bother you?

Many short-cut hair causes discomfort during the growth phase. So it creates a bad image. How much will this elongation phase bother you?

Is everything positive?

If you answered the questions we asked above in the most positive way; what else are you waiting for! Come on, run to your hairdresser and get your favorite bangs cut!

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