In what order should makeup be done

Do you know in what order you should use make-up materials?

Which make-up material is used and when? The question of makeup can be a matter of serious curiosity, especially for beginners. We have prepared an article on which products you can use in which order so that you can make up without getting confused.


First of all, you need to prepare your skin for makeup by moisturizing it. Before starting make-up, you need to clean your skin well and moisturize it with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Thus, the products you will apply to your skin later will not dry your skin or cause exfoliation.

Makeup base

Although it is a step that is often overlooked, if foundation is used, it must be applied for a more professional image. It reduces the appearance of pores or creates a base for the foundation to better color equalize

Eye some

If you are going to use eyeshadow, you need to use eyeshadow at this stage, so your eye base will be dry until you move on to eye makeup while applying other products. While it makes the eyeshadows you apply on some eyelids permanent, it increases their pigmentation and helps the colors look more intense.


After you have completely prepared your face for make-up, it’s time to move on to colored cosmetics. You need to spread the foundation suitable for your skin type and skin color on your skin with the appropriate apparatus. Spreading from the middle of your face outwards will give you a more efficient result. with foundations


This stage is only necessary for people with intense detention problems. Other than that, this step can be skipped if there is no need. Under-eye circles are neutralized with a salmon-colored corrector.


Concealer should definitely be applied after foundation. Although concealer is used especially for detention problems, it can also be used to cover acne and blemishes that foundation cannot cover.


This stage is used to fix foundation and concealer. At the same time, it will form a base for easier distribution of the products you will apply on your skin later. Transparent powders are easier to apply. It is especially important for those with oily and combination skin not to skip this stage.


After the first stage of skin make-up is finished, it’s time for the eyes. First of all, you need to apply a base with a light-colored eyeshadow close to your skin color to blend the other eyeshadows better. Then, the folds of the eyes are shaded with a color that can create contours. Afterwards, it is shaped according to the taste and skill of the make-up maker.


After finishing the headlight stage, eyeliner is applied to the bottom of the eyelashes to make the eyelashes more prominent. Whether it’s a pen, gel or felt tip, they all have the same purpose, but the look you get may vary slightly.


Mascara is applied at this stage to complete the eye make-up. If you are going to use false eyelashes, you should definitely put them on before using mascara.


This stage is completely up to the preferences of the person. If you have an oval face, you don’t need to top up, but if you have other face shapes, then you can top up to bring your face closer to the oval. The most important thing to consider for top-up is to use a bronzer that does not have warm undertones.


For a healthy look, rosy cheeks can be applied immediately after contouring. Smile as you apply your blush and apply it just above your emerging cheekbones.


It is applied to the places you want to stand out when there is no expression on your face. Usually the highest areas of the face, from the cheekbones to the temples, the middle of the forehead, the tip of the nose to the upper lip lines and the tip of the chin.

Lip pencil

Lip liner should be applied to make the lipstick more permanent and easier to apply. Your lip shape is very important when applying lip liner. If you have very thin lips, you can apply the lip pencil a little overflow provided that you do not exaggerate. Prominent and full lips can frame their lips from the inside.


You can complete your make-up with lipstick. You will get a much more natural look if you open your lips and apply them without stretching while applying your lipstick.

Fixing spray

This stage is a stage that you can apply whenever you want your make-up to be very permanent, such as a wedding. Other than that, although not essential, it adds a more natural look to make-up and increases permanence.

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