How to Get Rid of Abdominal Pain – What is Good for Abdominal Pain
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Your wife; It is the region between the chest and the groin and includes the abdominal cavity and several organs. Abdominal pain is the severe pain that occurs in the abdomen as a result of the spasms that occur in one of the organs in this region or in the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal pain can occur chronically or acutely for many different reasons. One of the most common types of pain in daily life is abdominal pain. For this reason, the answer to the question of how abdominal pain passes and what causes abdominal pain is important. All you have to do is read our news to learn about the causes of abdominal pain and methods of relieving abdominal pain!

The abdomen is quite wide. Abdominal region; stomach, spleen, appendicitis, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, intestines and reproductive organs and blood vessels. Therefore, abdominal pain can be caused by many reasons. These causes may be simple, or they may even be a symptom of a serious underlying disease. Depending on the source and cause of the abdominal pain, changes may also occur in the aching area of ​​the abdomen.


Abdominal region; consists of stomach, spleen, appendicitis, gall bladder, pancreas, liver, intestines and reproductive organs and blood vessels. Abdominal pain can be caused by any of the organs located here. For this reason, the causes of abdominal pain vary according to the aching area. According to the aching area of ​​the abdomen, the source of abdominal pain can be determined. The aching area of ​​the abdomen and its possible causes are as follows;

  • Upper abdomen: stomach diseases such as ulcer, gastritis, or reflux, gallstone formation, pancreatitis, pneumonia or heart attack,
  • Right upper abdomen: Hepatitis disease or gallbladder problem,
  • Left upper abdomen: Enlargement of the spleen,
  • Lower abdomen: Intestinal diseases, menstrual cramps, reproductive tract diseases, appendicitis, pregnancy, endometriosis or fibroids
  • Right lower abdomen: usually appendicitis or possible Crohn’s disease,
  • Left lower abdomen: Ovarian cysts or diverticulitis,
  • General abdomen: A traumatic injury or intestinal or urinary tract infection.

Specific causes of abdominal pain are as above. However, the causes of abdominal pain are not limited to these. Many different things can cause abdominal pain. In general, the causes of abdominal pain can be listed as follows;

  • overeating,
  • Indigestion,
  • Food poisoning,
  • diarrhea or constipation,
  • gas compression,
  • Stress,
  • liver inflammation,
  • Cancer,
  • stomach diseases,
  • Flu,
  • stomach flu,
  • Ectopic pregnancy,
  • Number.


To treat abdominal pain, the cause of abdominal pain must first be determined. Because the treatment method to be applied varies according to the source of abdominal pain. Abdominal pain can be a symptom of a serious illness. For this reason, it is beneficial for the person to see a doctor, especially in long-term or regularly recurring abdominal pain. The first department to go for abdominal pain is internal medicine. It is important for the person to go to a doctor instead of applying home treatment if the abdominal pain progresses as follows;

  • If abdominal pain lasts long and uninterrupted,
  • If the abdominal pain recurs periodically,
  • If there is burning in urination with abdominal pain,
  • If the abdominal pain is severe and local,
  • If you have diarrhea that continues for more than 4 days with abdominal pain,
  • If there is unexplained vaginal bleeding with abdominal pain,
  • If the severity of abdominal pain increases at night to wake you from sleep,
  • If there is yellowing of the eyes with abdominal pain,
  • Abdominal pain and fainting together.

It is possible to quickly treat abdominal pain at home, which occurs due to simple reasons such as digestive problems, constipation, menstrual period or stress. Similarly, it is possible to relieve abdominal pain during pregnancy with these methods. So what is good for severe stomach pain? Pain can be relieved by applying the methods that are good for abdominal pain. The answer to the question of what is good for abdominal pain, whether in adults or children, is as follows;

  • Applying heat: The best thing for abdominal pain is applying a hot water bag. The hot water bag applied to the abdomen and feet helps to relieve the pain.
  • Massage: Massaging the abdominal region with circular movements is effective in relieving pain.
  • Fluid consumption: As with any ailment, it is important for the person suffering from abdominal pain to take plenty of water.
  • Rest: Bed rest helps relieve pain by relaxing the abdominal region.
  • Baking soda: Carbonated water relaxes the stomach area and is beneficial for the intestines.
  • Herbal teas: Ginger, thyme, chamomile, mint and fennel teas are good for stomachache.
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