How to dye eyebrows

With a few simple moves, you can give your eyebrows the shape you want in a few minutes.

Not only eye makeup, but also the shape of the eyebrows changes the facial expression. If the right shape is given, more prominent eyebrows add meaning to the gaze.

Why are eyebrows dyed?

It takes months to give your eyebrows the shape you want. For example, if you want to have thicker eyebrows, you have no choice but to dye them. If you want your eyebrows to look more dense and bushy, you should apply this method again.

What should eyebrows be painted with?

You can paint your eyebrows with eyebrow paint and brush, eyebrow pencil. If you wish, you can also use a blunt pencil with a non-pointed tip.

What color pencil should eyebrows be painted with?

If you are white-skinned, choose light brown tones, if you are dark-skinned, choose dark brown and black pencils. The difference in tone between your skin color and the color of the pencil with which you paint your eyebrows creates an uncomfortable image on your face.

How to paint eyebrows?

Draw the shape you want to give to your eyebrows without pressing the pencil too much. If you paint the inside completely, your eyebrows will look artificial. If you only fill in the gaps with horizontal movements, you will both create a natural image and give it the shape you want.

If you have moved beyond the line you have drawn, you can wipe this overflowing part with a cotton swab. After you finish your work, finally comb your eyebrows with an eyebrow comb.

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