How to Do Natural Makeup

1. Brighten Your SkinStart by applying Illuminating Primer Make-up Base, a base that will give your skin a luminous look and increase the permanence of your make-up. Applying such a base that will make your skin look healthier under makeup will also greatly reduce the need for concealer.

2. Eliminate Color Inequalities. Anti-Blemish BB Cream is the secret to removing color inequalities on the face. This product also prevents the formation of acne by moisturizing the skin and regulating the oil balance. The SPF 15 it contains protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun.

3. Hide All Imperfections You can use Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer in areas where you need a more intense concealer than BB cream, such as under-eye circles. Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer, which has 12 different shades, fights dark circles with hazelnut oil and fine lines with rosehip extract.

4. Add Dimension to Your FaceApply Bronzing Powder to your forehead and cheeks to give your skin a healthy tan and add dimension to your face. Bronzing Powder, which can be applied easily with its thin and soft texture, has 6 different colors with matte or glittery finishes.

5. Color Your Skin After Bronzer, blush is next. Apply Baked Blush-on to the front of your cheeks for a healthy glow on your face. Offering an easy use with its velvety texture, Baked Blush-on has 10 different color options.

6. Add a Little More Shine Apply a little Powder Illuminator to the tip of the brush only and apply it to the higher parts of the face such as the chin and nose. This step will add a natural glow to your skin.

7. Revitalize Your Glances Apply the tone closest to your skin in the Nude Eyeshadow Palette to the eye springs and lids. This simple but important step will make your eyes look more lively and hide the redness on your eyes.

8. Highlight Your EyesYou can use Matte Waterproof Dipliner to further define your eyes. However, the point you need to pay attention to in no makeup makeup is to apply the product only to the bottom of the eyelashes. So you will get a hidden eyeliner effect.

9. Give Volume to Your Lashes With the OMLashes Fan Effect, you can give your lashes a curled and separated look. For a more natural result, don’t forget to take the excess product on a napkin before applying.

10. Fix Your BrowsUse Eyebrow Fixator Mascara, a clear eyebrow gel, to fix your eyebrows without changing the natural look and color of your eyebrows.

11. Color Your LipsUse one of the nude shades of Color Up Lip Crayon with a semi-matte finish to give your lips a light color. For example, 04 Lovely Pink is a very suitable option for no makeup makeup.

12. Don’t Forget Your Nails A transparent nail polish that cares for your nails is one of the complements of the natural look. Moisture Boost strengthens your nails with the oils it contains, while protecting them from external factors. No makeup, which gives the face a lively and natural look, is one of the most popular makeup trends of recent years. You say “how to make up like there is no makeup?” If you want to learn, no makeup makeup is in this video with all the tips on how to make up! No makeup makeup is the right choice for you when you want a bright and flawless face without making eye-catching makeup. In this make-up, light-based make-up products are generally used in natural tones. Thus, a make-up appears as if it does not exist and emphasizes the natural beauty of the face. “How to do No makeup makeup?”

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