How to clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes: we have one for powder, one for Concealer, one for blush and certainly several for eye shadow. Also for the perfect eyeliner or for the super accurate application of the lipstick there is one. And that’s not all guaranteed. But what to do after Use? Should we clean makeup brushes? And what needs to be considered?

Clean makeup brushes – but why?

There are three very simple reasons for this: first, it is the durability of the brushes. Because these are often not exactly cheap to purchase, which is why it is more than annoying when they refuse their service after only a few months. If the tools do not undergo regular maintenance or are not properly cleaned, this happens quickly. The hair becomes brittle, they dissolve from the metal clamp or the wooden handle swells.

A regular cleaning is also important for the actual Make-up. If one goes with the same brush again and again into many different products, these can be mixed unsightly among each other. The colors are so polluted and no longer conjure the desired result on the face. In addition, the color release of soiled brushes is not as full as with clean ones.

And the most important reason is Hygiene. Because over time, not only dust particles from the air get caught in the brush hairs. Bacteria also accumulate in the remains of make-up products. If we go with it again and again in the colors and then edit our face, we contaminate not only the Make-up, but also our skin. There are impurities, pimples and blackheads.

Daily, weekly or once a year – how often do you clean?

The spirits differ in the frequency of the cleaning intervals. Some argue that the brushes should all be cleaned immediately after each use. But especially the compact, larger specimens take a long time to dry. A daily cleaning would therefore mean that you would have to have everything available in multiple versions.

As a guideline, we therefore recommend the following: all brushes that come into contact with moist or creamy textures (for example Concealer, lip gloss, Foundation, etc.) should be cleaned at least once a week. If you want to do it on a daily Basis, you can do it relatively easily with these brushes.

Make-up brushes for powdery textures (blush, eye shadow, powder,…), on the other hand, do not need to be cleaned so often. Especially when moving within a color world, the above-mentioned problems of product mixing do not matter so much. Cleaning every two to four weeks is sufficient. But of course everyone should feel comfortable. So if you want to wash the brushes more often-always get to the water!

Cleaning make-up brushes-how does that work?

It is really very simple. With a cosmetic or towel, the excess paint is first removed from the brushes. To do this, brush out the hair from the metal clamp. Powdery textures can also be carefully knocked out at the edge of the wash basin.

Now, the cleaning agent of choice is used. With Shampoo or detergent, the brushes just need to be moistened and foamed a little, then rinse them out with lukewarm water. If you want to use brush cleaner, it is best to get one with a spray head – this saves a lot of product. Spray the brushes until no paint appears on the cloth. Rinse with water.

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