How should makeup items be transported

Carrying your beauty products with you can sometimes cause nasty surprises. Your favorite powder breaking, your foundation bursting into your bag, or your lipstick breaking open are a few of them. In this article, we told you how to take precautions against such surprises.

What can I do to prevent my brushes from breaking down?

While your brushes are tossed from side to side in the make-up bag, their bristles may be damaged and lose their form. You can make an old pencil case into a brush bag so that your brushes do not deteriorate. Thus, all brushes stand together. In addition, you can also use plastic nets sold in the markets so that your brushes do not lose their form.

How do I prevent products in powder form from breaking?

Your favorite powder, powder eyeshadow or powder illuminator may be a must for you, but when you are swaying in your bag, you see that it is shattered.

In order to avoid such situations, when carrying such products with you, put cotton or toilet paper in the package and make a tampon. In this way, you can prevent the product from being hit and broken.

Even if you take precautions while carrying make-up products in powder form, there is always a risk. Another option so that the crushed powder does not ruin the other products in your makeup bag is to wrap it with cling film.

How do I transport liquid products?

You can use tiny plastic bottles to carry liquid products such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion. Since these tiny bottles are less than 100 ml, you will not have any trouble getting into the cabin on flights. If you place your products in a locked freezer bag inside the bottles, it will not damage your whole bag even if it breaks. In addition, if you cover the mouth of the product with cling film and close the lid on it, you will minimize the risk of leakage.

How do I prevent my glass bottled products from breaking?

Your perfumes and foundations in glass bottles can be transported without causing serious damage. Putting the products you need to carry in glass bottles in bubble wrap, which we love to burst, eliminates the risk of carrying them. If you cannot find such packages, you can wrap the bottles with your fluffy socks.

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