How much does a wedding hairstyle cost

How much does the bridal makeup cost? So that everything fits perfectly and lasts the whole wedding day, you should let a professional ran. We will tell you what price you have to pay for your bridal Make-up.

How much does my bridal makeup cost? Hardly anyone thinks about his Outfit as much as a bride before the wedding. You have already bought your wedding dress with the bridal shoes and accessories? So your perfect bridal styling is not yet complete: what you still need is the right wedding hairstyle and the right bridal Make-up. If you want to make sure that everything fits perfectly and also lasts the whole wedding day, then you should leave the Styling to the professional. But what is the price of a bridal Make-up if you don’t make it yourself?

Bridal makeup prices: all costs at a glance

The cost of the bridal Make-up varies depending on the provider. Usually, however, the price ranges between 70, – € and 150, -€. Depending on how many trial dates are included and how much must be tested in advance until you are satisfied with the result. Make sure that your Make-up Artist asks for your wishes and adapts the Styling to your type. If you are more discreet in everyday life or not wearing make-up at all, you would probably feel uncomfortable with a lot of make-up on your wedding day. In this case, rather rely on an unobtrusive but radiant Make-up.


If you are thinking about a professional bridal Make-up for your wedding day, you should start looking for the right stylist early enough and make sure that a trial date is included in the package. Sometimes more than one session is needed until you have decided on a suitable bridal Make-up. So it is important that the Chosen Make-up Artist brings the necessary time and Expertise to give you good advice.

Cost of a complete bridal Styling

The cost of a bridal Make-up depends not only on the products used, but also on how elaborate the Make-Up is and whether other services may be booked in addition to the Make-up. Such as a bridal hairstyle:

Bride hairstyle

If you additionally want to have a professional bridal hairstyle, you have not yet reached the end of the bill with the bride makeup costs. A bridal hairstyle costs depending on the hair length and Stylist or hairdresser about 150, -€. This may seem expensive at first glance, but it is OK, considering that there is always at least one trial date included. This can often take a lot of time until you have found the right hairstyle for your wedding.

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