How much do wedding hairstyles cost

My hairdresser has made me once right after the highlights make probed curls and stuck up… because she wanted to go for sure, we then did a test hairstyle, again with curls and fake roses.

The poorest is always very nervous before bridal hairstyles, although I was already at the first trial cutlery quite sure that we have the same” Vision ” .

The day before the wedding, my hairdresser fell on her bike and her first thought was, oh no, I have to make a bride tomorrow! Luckily nothing had happened to her except a few bruises, but the fact that I immediately occurred to her in the Moment that I found too dear… I think she was more afraid than me that it wouldn’t work…

By the way, the bridal hairstyle was perfect, with real roses and concreted with hairspray, because we drove in an X-Bow as a wedding car…

Everyone found the hairstyle great and absolutely suitable to the Dirndl and me… and although I would have been willing to pay everything, it cost me then only 50€!.

Yesterday I saw her again for the first time and a stone fell from her heart when she heard that the hairstyle lasted even longer than the wedding… I think it’s great that she was so happy for me and suffered so much…

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