How do I find the right Foundation

Are you sure you’re using just the right foundation tone for an absolutely natural Look? Small tip: If you need to apply your Foundation all over your face for a uniform Look, you’re definitely using the wrong tone. The goal is not to completely cover the face as with a mask, but to find a Nuance that you apply only where it is necessary. The whole thing should look like you’re not wearing any Makeup at all.

How do I find?

“The most important thing when buying a Foundation is to strike the right tone,” explains Clinique consultant Catherine Balagot of Bloomingdale’s in New York, who has already helped countless customers to achieve the perfect foundation tone. “A Foundation must be invisible, what else is it there for? Many women are disappointed with their Foundation. The right Nuance, however, gives you a sense of freedom and self-confidence.”Here are Catherine’s tips:

Unvarnished for Foundation Shopping. Sounds kind of logical. An unvarnished skin is an absolute prerequisite if you want to finally find the right foundation tone. If you already wear a wrong Nuance, the probability is high that the same thing will happen to you again. Therefore, you need to remove the old Foundation completely before you try a new one. The key point is: the tone must match your natural, unvarnished skin tone, not the Foundation you’re wearing right now. So make your hunt for the perfect shade a # nomakeup excursion (or pack some wet wipes in your handbag).

Don’t give too much to the names of the nuances. You certainly know the saying that you should never judge a book by its cover. This applies equally to Foundation names. “Labels such as Beige or Amber are not universally applicable to all brands, not even to the different Foundation products of a brand,” says Catherine. “Color designations help, but it is always recommended to ask for advice – this is a free Service at your nearest counter. And remember that due to the interaction of the ingredients, the same shade can differ slightly in different textures such as liquid Foundation or compact powder.“

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