Contour application suitable for your face shape

The contour technique allows you to change your face shape with light and shadow plays.

Since the oval face is generally accepted as ideal, all face shapes are tried to be contoured and brought closer to the oval face. You can find tips on how to apply the contour that suits your face in this article.

Oval face

It is often described as the ideal face shape. These face owners can still have more defined lines by highlighting some areas and keeping others behind. For oval faces, the purpose of the contour is to shorten and widen the face a little more. For this purpose, you can apply contours on the forehead, chin and the part where the hair meets the cheeks, and a little illuminator on the middle of the chin and the upper part of the cheeks.

Round face

The chin and cheeks of those with a round face are prominent. For this reason, the aim when applying contours is to show the face thinner than it is. By applying the contour powder in your hand to your cheek pits and chin level, you will throw these areas back. If you apply an illuminator just above your cheekbones and towards the middle of your forehead, you will make your face even thinner.

Square face

The facial features of people with a square face shape are usually a bit harsh and sharp. For this reason, the first purpose when applying contours is to soften the facial features a little more. For this, you can apply some contours to the sides of the forehead and chin level. With the illuminator you will apply on your cheekbones and in the middle of the forehead, you will draw attention to the parts of your face that should stand out.

Triangle face

The most distinctive features of heart faces are wide forehead and narrow chin. You can get help from contour application to make the lower part of the face appear wider and the upper part narrower. For this, apply the contour first to the temples and the upper part of the forehead. Apply some highlighter to the upper part of your lips.

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