How much does a wedding hairstyle cost

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How much do wedding hairstyles cost

My hairdresser has made me once right after the highlights make probed curls and stuck up… because she wanted to go for sure, we then did a test hairstyle, again with curls and fake roses. The poorest is always very nervous before bridal hairstyles, although I was already at the first trial cutlery quite sure … Read more

How much does it cost to have professional make-up

You are invited to a big Event and would like to appear perfectly styled for this occasion? Then you should make an appointment with a make-up artist. With expertise on the perfect Make-up, professional color and style advice, and the current hairstyle fashion, make – up artists perform small miracles. But how much do you … Read more

How to clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes: we have one for powder, one for Concealer, one for blush and certainly several for eye shadow. Also for the perfect eyeliner or for the super accurate application of the lipstick there is one. And that’s not all guaranteed. But what to do after Use? Should we clean makeup brushes? And what needs … Read more

How do I find the right Foundation

Are you sure you’re using just the right foundation tone for an absolutely natural Look? Small tip: If you need to apply your Foundation all over your face for a uniform Look, you’re definitely using the wrong tone. The goal is not to completely cover the face as with a mask, but to find a … Read more

How to make the most beautiful natural makeup

It is possible to make a wonderful natural-looking make-up by using soft and pastel tones. Perfect skin tone Use foundation, powder and concealer to even out your skin tone. But remember one important rule: don’t apply a darker foundation to tan yourself. Also, don’t choose concealers that are darker than your own skin tone, that is, use … Read more

How to dye eyebrows

With a few simple moves, you can give your eyebrows the shape you want in a few minutes. Not only eye makeup, but also the shape of the eyebrows changes the facial expression. If the right shape is given, more prominent eyebrows add meaning to the gaze. Why are eyebrows dyed? It takes months to give … Read more

Contour application suitable for your face shape

The contour technique allows you to change your face shape with light and shadow plays. Since the oval face is generally accepted as ideal, all face shapes are tried to be contoured and brought closer to the oval face. You can find tips on how to apply the contour that suits your face in this article. … Read more

How should makeup items be transported

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In what order should makeup be done

Do you know in what order you should use make-up materials? Which make-up material is used and when? The question of makeup can be a matter of serious curiosity, especially for beginners. We have prepared an article on which products you can use in which order so that you can make up without getting confused. Moisturizer … Read more