Bridal Makeup, instructions for a natural Bridal styling

However, the challenge is always to highlight the natural beauty through the Make-up and actually not really look made-up. This is no different with bridal Make-up.

Sometimes, however, it is simply not possible to enlist the professional help of a stylist – whether for an Engagement shoot, a civil wedding, as a bridesmaid or simply for a special occasion.

Tip for Getting Ready

You have long hair and let yourself be photographed on the wedding morning at Getting Ready? Then make yourself a shaggy Dutt. This looks much better on the photos.

And if you can, treat yourself to a bridal bathrobe or a bridal Shirt, which make this Moment in the photos even more wonderful.

Step 1

Every Stylist has his own styling method. Alica first primes the entire eye area from the eyelashes to the eyebrows with a Matt, beige tone that makes the eyes even.

We also found the Trick great, not to start with the face Foundation, but first to make up the eyes so that eye shadow falling on the cheek can be removed more easily.

Step 2

In the next step, the movable eyelid receives a delicately shimmering, apricot-colored eyeshadow, with which the eyes are made to shine.

Step 3

Now, the eyes are modeled with a darker clay, which is first applied in the crease of the eyelid and then wiped with a Blender brush softly expiring in delicately circular movements.

Step 4

Below the eyebrows is now applied even brighter eyeshadow, so that the eyes are optically enlarged.

Step 5

Instead of Eyeliner or Kayal, the stylist uses black eyeshadow for the natural Look to visually compress the eyelashes. It is simply applied to the lash line with a short, obliquely shaped brush before they have been delicately brushed.

Step 6

Now, Concealer is applied. This is not only about the cover, but also about modeling the face: light highlights and dark contours. Sandra only needs a few Highlights on the chin, below the eyes and on the forehead as well as a dark line above the eyebrows.
If you want to contour additionally, put a short dark line between the corners of the mouth and the ears.

Step 7

The Concealer is then softly hidden with a make-up sponge.If necessary, a delicate Foundation can now be applied to make the skin even more even.

Step 8

Finally, the complexion is matted with a powder and the Make-Up is fixed at the same time,so that it also holds the whole day.

Step 9

Now apply a delicate blush to the cheekbones to make them look more rosy and fresh.

Step 10

A lipstick in a natural tint corresponding to the lip color is the perfect Finish for our natural makeup.

Step 11

In order to make the lips shine additionally, you add a little Gloss in the middle of the lower lip at the end.

Our tip: just before the portrait photos definitely some lipstick and above all Apply Gloss,as these will be gone through the whole congratulatory kissing.

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