All Curious About Keratin ?

What is keratin? Keratin is actually a structural and protective protein that makes up hair and nails. Responsible for preventing breakage, frizz and heat damage to hair. That’s why it can be used topically to smooth hair and remove frizz.

Before moving on to the benefits of keratin for hair, let’s be clear about what keratin is and how it affects hair. Keratin can also be defined as the cornerstone of the hair structure. It is a fibrous protein that literally makes up every single strand of hair. As hair is damaged, it needs all the help it can get to repair and strengthen its natural structure.

There are two main ways to add keratin to your hair care routine. When hydrolyzed collagen proteins are applied topically to the hair, they can temporarily increase strength by helping to repair damaged areas of the hair shaft. This is generally different from keratin loading in salons.

Keratin loads can damage hair. Despite the potential risks, most people still get keratin treatments at salons. With this in mind, learn the pros and cons of keratin hair treatments, both at home and in the salon.

Keratin benefits for hair
  • Makes the hair smooth.
  • It strengthens the hair.
  • It gives shine.

Whether you prefer keratin treatment in the salon or at home, it will make a difference in your hair. At-home keratin products help strengthen chemically damaged hair. In doing so, products that are usually in the form of oils or serums can result in smoother, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

Keratin treatments in salons use liquid keratin, various chemicals and high heat to load protein into the hair. Results are temporary and usually last up to 6 months. The problem is, you expose yourself to potentially harmful chemicals to reap these benefits.

Pros and cons of keratin treatments
Keratin treatments at home or in the salon work best on people with dry, damaged and unruly hair types. In addition, it can also be great for people who want to achieve a fuller look. However, as we just mentioned, keratin treatments in salons expose your hair to harsh chemicals.

Experts say that especially pregnant women and people with respiratory problems should stay away from keratin loading. Keratin treatments in salons contain serious amounts of formaldehyde. It is known that some hairdressers who repeatedly do this process experience respiratory problems.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should avoid at-home keratin treatments. After all, they are much safer and free of the chemicals and fumes associated with salon techniques. However, if your hair feels dry after using a keratin product, switch to a moist product instead.

How to use keratin for hair?
We explained the potential risks of keratin treatments at the salon. Instead, you can take advantage of hair care products formulated with keratin, which is a safer option to make your hair look brighter . Shampoos containing keratin, hair care creams, hair care oils or leave-in conditioners are among the options you can choose at this point.

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