Alejandra Espinoza No Makeup and Without Makeup
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Alejandra Espinoza No Makeup


Who Is Alejandra Espinoza? Alejandra Espinoza was born on March 27, 1987 in Tijuana, Mexico. From a young age, her family noticed his inclination towards art. At the age of 10, she entered her first beauty pageant and won. But due to the economic situation, he could not progress further in this profession.

She studied nursing in 2006. He worked at a foreign exchange and a well-known fast food restaurant. However, in 2007, she achieved great success as the winner of the first season of the Nuestra Belleza Latina beauty pageant. Espinoza signed a contract with Univision to act on the series and participate in the programs.

Alejandra Espinoza Without Makeup
Alejandra Espinoza Without Makeup

Full name: Alejandra Espinoza
Date of Birth: March 27, 1987
Place of birth: Tijuana, Mexico
Length: 1.73 m
Family: Rosa María Cruz (Mother), José Espinoza (Father) )
Wife: Aníbal Marrero (2011-Present)
Child (s): Aiden Matteo Marrero (son))
Occupation: Model, Television Presenter
Active years: since 2007

Alejandra Espinoza hosts the Premios Juventud Awards ceremony. He had a special participation in the Premios lo Nuestro. She has served as a presenter on the Maricachi Festival, The Open, and the Giant Saturday Latin beauty contest, among others. He was also part of the Gordo and La Flaca team, where he had the opportunity to become a reporter and work alongside Raúl de Molina, replacing Lili Estefan.

In 2008, he was nominated for the Youth Awards for his performance in the song clips “The Girl Who Took My Sleep” and “I want to dress like her” by artists such as Anahí and JLO. Due to her performance as Queen in 2007, she extended her contract with Univision and joined the Sabado Gigante team, where she discovered that one of her greatest passions lasted.

In 2009, Alejandra Espinoza was given the opportunity to perform behind the scenes of Sabado Gigante for special events of the program. In 2010 he hosted the red carpet for Premios Juventud, Premios Oye, La Parada de las Rosas, Mañanitas a la Virgen de Guadalupe, El Bicentenario and worked behind the scenes of the NBL 2010. As a Model, Espinoza has been the cover face of magazines such as Swim n ’Sport, Coltorti, Extin Italia, Avon, Goya and Otto Lingere.

2011 was an important year for Espinoza on a personal and professional level. He entered the World house with choreographer Aníbal Marrero. According to Alejandra, family, humility and perseverance are very important. He says that his achievements and abilities depend on God, and that success is really achieved when you can balance your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

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