6 Celeb Makeup Artist-Approved Summer Beauty Hacks

Summer is an ideal opportunity to spend endless hours by the pool, absorb the sun, and look extraordinary making it happen. Also, can we just be real for a moment, that can be multiple times harder with sweat running down your face — meaning we could all profit from some mid year magnificence hacks. Whether … Read more

Lauren Spencer-Smith No Makeup, Without Makeup

Lauren Spencer-Smith (born September 28, 2003) is a British-born Canadian singer-songwriter from Vancouver Island. She appeared as a contestant on the 18th season of American Idol in 2020, placing in the top 20 in the competition. Her 2019 album Unplugged, Vol. 1 was a Juno Award nominee for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2020. In 2022, Spencer-Smith became further known internationally when her … Read more

Kassi Ashton No Makeup, Without Makeup

Today we will also pay tribute to another star from a small town, Kassi Ashton. Kassi Ashton is an extremely excellent singer-songwriter who captures the hearts of the audience with her melodious and joyful voice. Kassi Ashton is one of the most beautiful and impressive stars at the University of Nashville. She is delighted with … Read more