2021 – 2022 Summer Makeup Trend
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What is the 2021 summer makeup trend? we hear you say. But not without mentioning the pandemic for 2021. The lifestyle that has changed due to the pandemic has undoubtedly been reflected in makeup trends and fashion.

So which types of makeup became the trend in the summer of 2021? Intense make-ups for the summer of 2021 left their place to bright, bright and non-existent make-ups. The concept of no makeup makeup started to come to the fore even more in this process.

2021 Summer Makeup Trend

Naturalness comes to the fore in the 2021 summer make-up trend. A healthy skin and a simple look using minimal products is the make-up trend of this summer and even 2021.

Skin Makeup

In the 2021 makeup trend, instead of making the skin look smooth, only covering the necessary areas with defects is at the forefront. For this reason, it is very common to use foundation with light/medium coverage in skin make-up. Now we say the end of wedding make-ups and turn to natural-finished procedures.

If you do not have problematic skin, you can easily achieve a natural look by simply covering the under eye area. So you can save your time too.

Eye makeup

A trend that supports the bright and natural skin make-up of 2021 is also in the eyes! Smoky eyeliner, which makes the eyes look more slanted, has become one of the most popular applications of recent times. All you need to do for this is to have a cut-tipped eyeshadow brush and an earth-toned headlight! Moreover, this process is both easier and more effortless than trying to draw sharp eyeliner.

In addition, if you apply eyeliner to the eye springs in a way that will make the eye shape look more slanted, all eyes will be on you this summer.

Long and voluminous eyelashes are very popular in 2021 eye makeup trends. If you want to have long eyelashes without using false eyelashes, you can choose silk eyelashes or eyelash lifting applications. Thus, you can have long and voluminous eyelashes at any time in the summer heat or on the beach. No more problems with mascara flowing and spoiling!

Blush Application

In the 2021 blush trend, the preference is for naturalness! Now, liquid illuminators are used by mixing them with foundation. In order to achieve a more natural effect, it is distributed not only in a line on the cheekbones, but also on the cheeks and temples in a natural way.

Lips Makeup

Let’s come to the lips… Although liquid matte lipsticks may never seem to lose their popularity, lipglosses are on the rise with 2021. Lipglosses that give a bright and plump effect to the lips and make them look more natural are more popular than ever this summer!

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