2021 – 2022 Manicure Trends
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Manicure Trends

We have used plenty of cologne and disinfectant for about 1.5 years due to the pandemic. In this process, many of us had to say goodbye to long nails for hygiene reasons.

For a well-groomed and clean look, you should try short and round shaped nails.

Let’s get to this year’s nail fashion! Colorful french, colorful nails are very popular this summer. We have compiled the nail polish & manicure trends of 2021 for you!

Multi Colored Manicure

Nail polishes applied in different colors on each nail are a sign of courage for many people! Colorful nails are very popular this summer. Be sure to try it to feel the energy of summer on your nails!

Personal Quotes

Nails with names, special meanings and letters… Feel special with many patterns in different styles. Personal nail art works in different designs that you can apply according to your own preferences will provide you with a colorful and original look!

Colored French

Although we do not see French manicures on nails very often lately, it continues to appear every season with a little change. Don’t forget to add examples of manicure models in which colorful French’s, double-colored stripes, red and pinks are used together, to your manicure list!

Minimal Graphics

Famous nail art artists suggest that those who want to feel artistic and creative should opt for minimal graphics created with thin and angled lines, large and small dots and pastel colors.

Stones & Beads

Indispensable tradition of nail art: Gems & Beads! Both soft and lively nail polishes, stones and beads that suit every color are very trendy this season. If you want to get a stylish and remarkable look, crown your manicure pleasure with stones at home!

The Return of Metallic Nail Polish

We can say that metallic nail polishes, which we have been saying goodbye to for a while, are back in 2021. In short, you can choose bold and neon metallic nail polishes this summer! We will see metallic nail polishes more often now.

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