Pay attention to these in professional make-up!
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It is important to look beautiful, first of all, to make one feel good. It is a phenomenon that shapes a person’s life not only aesthetically but also psychologically. 
Makeup is the most important part of the concept of beauty, which has a different definition in every age. 

Today, when it comes to make-up, not only make-up materials, but also permanent make-up applications, professional make-up, eyebrow cocktail, medical camouflage, prosthetic nails come to mind.


Professional make-up, which is actually a very understandable concept, is make-up done by make-up experts and within the framework of certain rules. 

Professional make-up artists can make your face look like a cat, or Marilyn Monroe, using professional make-up materials and techniques. In this respect, professional make-up was only mannequins until recently. cinema and theater actors were in the interest of stage artists. 

But today, it is of interest to a much wider audience, both because the techniques applied can be learned by a wider audience thanks to social media and because the products used are now accessible to everyone. 

We are talking about a wide audience who follow and apply the rapidly changing make-up fashion, developing techniques and new products day by day. 

And the aforementioned professionals are in a much different place than the people who paint our faces in the hairdressers where we used to go only for bridal make-up. 

Professional make-up, first of all, does not mean painting the face. The purpose of professional make-up is not to cover imperfections with paint; It is to reveal the beautiful lines of the face on a clean, bright, radiant, smooth skin. Attention is drawn to the beautiful lines, leaving the flawed sides in the background.


First of all, the skin type must be determined and the products to be used must be selected accordingly. Whether the skin is dry, oily or mixed, the proximity of the veins to the surface or whether the skin is allergic should also be evaluated. 

Face shape should be taken into account. The anatomy of the face should be determined before starting the make-up, and it should be decided which lines will be highlighte

Mimics that bring facial expression to the person should never be ignored. 

It should not be forgotten that professional make-up is not to cover the imperfections with layers of concealer and paint, but to emphasize the most beautiful parts of the face with the smallest touches.

The person who will do the make-up should have at least basic knowledge of color and light. It should be known which colors can be used together and what kind of light-shadow reflection this will create.

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