Kate Moss No Makeup and Without Makeup
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Kate Moss No Makeup


Who is Kate Moss? Kate Moss was born on January 16, 1974. Kate, a British supermodel, was not a successful student during her educational life. On the contrary, she was always lazy throughout his education life. However, he was successful in sports.

She received his education first at Ridgeway Primary school and then at Riddlesdown High school. Her mother, Linda Rosina, worked as a manager in a boutique. His father, Peter, was a writer at the airport. However, the duo’s marriage only ended when Kate was 13.

Kate Moss Without Makeup
Kate Moss Without Makeup

Full name: Kate Moss
Born: January 16, 1974
Place of birth: Croydon / United Kingdom
Length: 1,70 m
Family: Linda Rosina Shepherd-Peter Edward Moss
Wife: Jamie Hince
Child (s): Lila Grace Moss
Occupation: Model

When Kate was 14, she went to the Bahamas for dessert. He was unaware that this journey would be the turning point in his life. Sarah Doukas saw her while she was at the airport on her holiday return. Sarah Doukas was the founder of Storm Model Management. Discovering Kate, he offered her a job at a fashion magazine. She first worked for a fashion magazine called the Face. Black and white shooting was the beginning of his career.

Her name was taken with drugs in the 90s as his career progressed rapidly. The excess cocaine he took in those years caused him to fall into a coma. As a result, he tried to give up drugs, receiving treatment.

The Daily Mirror newspaper filmed him buying cocaine. Many firms that saw these images of Kate Moss did not want to work with Kate. On top of this, many fashion giants such as H&M, Chanel, Burberry have made offers to him. Fashion firms, which did not leave her alone during her difficult period, maintained her support. Johnny Depp is also one of the names supporting Kate Moss.

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