Celebrity Beauty Brands
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Beauty brands of celebrities have been very popular in the cosmetic industry in recent years. However, what are the beauty brands of the celebrities who have made a name for themselves with their profession, success and well-groomed state? In this article, we examine the beauty brands of celebrities. Rihanna – Fenty Beauty Rihanna, who fascinated … Read more

2021 – 2022 Summer Makeup Trend
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What is the 2021 summer makeup trend? we hear you say. But not without mentioning the pandemic for 2021. The lifestyle that has changed due to the pandemic has undoubtedly been reflected in makeup trends and fashion. So which types of makeup became the trend in the summer of 2021? Intense make-ups for the summer … Read more

2021 – 2022 Manicure Trends
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Manicure Trends We have used plenty of cologne and disinfectant for about 1.5 years due to the pandemic. In this process, many of us had to say goodbye to long nails for hygiene reasons. For a well-groomed and clean look, you should try short and round shaped nails. Let’s get to this year’s nail fashion! … Read more

What is Makeup – How to Do Correct Makeup
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What is makeup. Where does the word makeup come from? It comes from the French word “maquillage”, which means changing the image with make-up, paint and beauty supplies. The history of make-up, which is used to beautify the face today and means painting, face painting, facial care, dates back to ancient times. Nowadays, make-up, which … Read more

7 vintage hairstyles that you can easily apply
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Hair, oh that hair! The easiest and most practical way to make you look beautiful is through hair. You may not have a very elaborate outfit or that bag or shoe that will attract everyone’s attention. However, with a beautiful and cool hairstyle, you can become the star of the environment you enter. We don’t say it, history says … Read more

Should you continue with or without bangs?
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Many women suddenly have a desire and the following question crosses their mind, “I wonder how it would look if I cut bangs?” or “Am I beautiful with or without bangs?” says.  If you have an idea of ​​​​cutting bangs, there are other questions you should ask yourself before these questions.  Here are the questions that will … Read more

Pay attention to these in professional make-up!
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It is important to look beautiful, first of all, to make one feel good. It is a phenomenon that shapes a person’s life not only aesthetically but also psychologically.  Makeup is the most important part of the concept of beauty, which has a different definition in every age.  Today, when it comes to make-up, not only … Read more